Arthur Festivals and Special Events


Arthur has one of the most active event calendars anywhere. From many, many small events like haystack and chili suppers and local benefit auctions ( all welcoming visitors) to major weekend festival that are attended by the tens of thousands.


There is always something to do in Arthur!


Arthur Event Calendar
 You will want to check and bookmark our
  Activity Calendar on the lower right sidebar.

We add to it very frequently and it contains the most up-to-the-minute event details, times and additions for all Arthur activities, both large and small. and book mark it and check back often because as much as we try to plan ahead and get the word out there are always new ideas popping up with shorter planning times that you may wish to participate in.


Our Smaller Events

Almost every week year around Arthur is a very active place. Don't be afraid to visit Arthur and drop into a high school sports event, watch a softball tournament in the park, or follow the signs to a "haystack" supper. We're small town America, and this is what we do.


You're welcome to relax and join us.